Grass Installation

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Grass Installation

Here we are discovering a few tips on how to install an artificial grass and what are the important tips  which should be kept in mind whenever you are installing synthetic grass at your home garden, terrace, balcony, cafeteria, playground or anywhere else. Read this full article for knowing well and guide of grass installation.


Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass Installation

Site Conditions:

A good quality sub-base is important to be prepared for the area where installation of ERBA SOFT is required. A good sub-base is made to the depth of 2 inches to 6 inches depending on site conditions. Wherein after compaction, layers of graded stone are compacted (stone chips / stone dust).


Artificial Grass Lawn Installation Service How To Lay Artificial Grass


Need for sub-base:

Installation of Synthetic TurfApart from providing a firm, true and relatively flat surface for the ideal installation of Artificial Green Grass, the nature of the sub-base preparation (firm, but porous) allows rainwater to drain into the ground very quickly. Draining of water is important to ensure that there is no stagnant water which in turn could lead to unhygienic conditions (fungus, foul smell, mosquitoes breeding etc).




Where sub-base is NOT needed:

Erba Soft Grass is very popular choice for installation on hard surfaces (concrete, tiles, marble, granite etc) and therefore a lot of rooftops, balconies, atriums etc., are landscaped with ERBA SOFT. For such area, there is no sub-base required as described above. However, for the rain water to flow, a contoured HDPE mesh is installed on the hard surface first. The turf is installed on this mesh and due to the special design; there is a clearance of 4 mm to 6 mm under the mesh for the rain water to flow along the normal slope towards the rain water outlets, HDPE Mesh before turf is laid on a rooftop / balcony.

Turf Preperation:

When the raw turf (factory output in rolls) is brought in, will look quite different from a sample or installation that you may have seen. The fibers are bunched up together and are lying in one direction. For this purpose the turf is properly brushed with smooth brushes moving the fibers in opposite direction in which the fiber bunches are falling to split them up and also stand them up. Special attention during the installation process is to be taken where the joints of the turf are required. Here, for such portions the next piece for the joint should be placed in the same very direction in which the earlier piece is laid. Like this the whole turf fibers look alike allover adding to its beauty.


Where joints are required as per area measurements and the restricted width of the rolls, the same are made underneath the ERBA SOFT backing, using specialized cloth-paper / seaming tape and glue. Once done, they are hardly visible.

Artificial grass flooring India

Grass Installed Images

An infill of silica sand and rubber granules in carefully calibrated ratios and layers are brushed between the fibers. The infill serves the dual purpose of providing support to the fibers as well as a cushioning effect similar to soft earth, when the Erba lawn is walked upon.

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