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503 Charcoal Cushion

503 Charcoal Plain (Stock- 10397.38 Sqft)

504 Grey Cushion Back (Stock- 861.12 Sqft)

504 Grey Plain (Stock-16467.9 Sqft)

505 Blue Cushion Back (Stock -1237.86 Sqft)

505 Plain Blue (Stock -2066.56 Sqft)

601-Artline Blue (Stock-4456.02 Sqft)

602 Artline Grey (6845.48 Sqft)

6101 Camel

6101 Camel Multi

6103 Line Ash Grey Multi

6105 Denim

6105 Denim Multi

GALAXY-105 Coffee (Stock 1200 sqft)

Grey designer carpet tile

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Clearance Sale Stock

Knots India is one of the remarkable approaches to your business. It has shifted from traditional to the modern trend where we are bringing numerous styles back to picture of modular Carpet tiles. All of them are built with the Mannington standards of performance with regards to commercial or office carpet tile applications. It is modular to its most by enabling designers for creating distinctly numerous patterns and design with the specified pattern which could include across the collection, soft surfaces, etc. Being the pioneer in the market of modular tiles, we are targeting on new approaches which could be beneficial for the clients at any point of time. Knots is an expert in providing services across.